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The Lively Workshop came about as a platform to champion vibrancy, spiritedness and overall liveliness in the wedding industry and world of fine art photography. There is a need for the celebration of color and light in this field and it is our hope that the Lively Workshop enables attendees to create with vivacity and boldness while finding their own unique voice as artists.

By covering a variety of beneficial topics such as shooting technique, embracing your vision, styling, branding, getting published, growing business, and the importance of the creative journey, we will also be producing two styled shoots to help you apply it all (including for use in your portfolio and in submitting for publishing), as well as an optional film-intensive add on session on our final day.

"I like light, color, luminosity.
I like things full of color & vibrant."
- Oscar de le Renta

WHEN: October 26-29, 2015
REGISTRATION: (open until Oct. 2)

$1850 local attendee (includes tuition & meals)

$2400 Graylyn attendee (includes tuition, room & meals)

$3500 studio rate (includes tuition, shared room & meals for 2)

The pursuit of a vibrant life begins with first giving ourselves permission to be lively and bold, to create with enthusiasm, and foster that same mentality in those around us. As creatives, we can be inundated with an overwhelming amount of pressure to fit in, or to dilute our own creations for the sake of being like the rest of the crowd. The LIVELY Workshop seeks to encourage photographers to embrace vibrancy in their work in front of the lens, and fearlessness behind it.